масло the saem nail wear cuticle essential oil

Nails are important organ of human beings and they require proper care. Nails are not porous, although they permit the penetration. Nails can become brittle because of various reasons; a common response is to apply some preparation to counteract this brittleness which is probably due to dehydration. Calendula officinalis (pot marigold) oil is used in nail cosmetics for its moisturizing property. Marigold oil is used in various cosmetic preparations for its moisturizing property. Thus, experimental Marigold oil is compared with Marketed Marigold oil for its qualitative properties. The nail cuticle softener cream was formulated and further work was carried out on that basis. The stability parameters that were studied for Nail Cuticle Softener Cream are: ? Appearance ? Color ? Odor ? pH ? Particle Size The evaluation of Nail Cuticle Softener Cream was carried out using two methods:- 1. Scanning Electron Microscope 2. Subjective Evaluation Thus, from this study it can be concluded that using marigold oil in nail cosmetics is effective and unique. It fulfills the purpose of its use in such cosmetic preparations. It also promotes the use of herbal ingredients in nail care cosmetics.

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